If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

"The entire staff is so friendly, and you can tell they all get along well - super important to trust in a company that is truly a team! Although I was hesitant at first about the whole Invisalign process, the staff made it so comfortable and seamless that all of my worries washed away. I can't wait to see the end result! Thank you all." ~A.L.

"My granddaughters are always excited to come in. They love all the staff and Dr. Sundberg and trust them with any decisions regarding their care. You couldn't make there time there any better unless you had sleepovers with the whole crew. You truly have them spoiled to the core. Thank you all for making their appointments such a positive experience." ~G.S.

"I liked the fact that they did not just want my money but Dr. Sundberg said we should wait 6 months before doing anything. This made me trust that he really cared about my child and not just money." ~ Z.B.

"I love the staff andhow I've gotten to know them over the years. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable, and great to work with." ~K.P.

"I have been going to Pacific Northwest Orthodontics for over a year now and I must say that I am satisfied with their treatments and services. Dr. Sundberg and his staff are polite and easy to get along with, even from an adult's perspective. They always ask how I'm doing and they always answer any questions I may have in regard to my orthodontic treatment. The environment is clean and welcoming and appointments are easy to schedule. Upon check-in I usually have to wait no more than 5 minutes before being called in, so yet another plus. Overall Pacific Northwest Orthodontics is a great place and I recommend it for children and adults alike." ~R.M.

"They are great, honestly. I appreciate all the time they take to answer my questions and provide reassurance. The staff is amazing and I always feel welcome coming to the office." ~K.M.

"I love their customer service and how they treat patients. I'm glad and happy I have brought all three of my kids here, we love them!" ~C.P.

"They are like family! I love this place!" ~ C.R.

"So pleased with all the staff here!! I had concerns with the process that we al have to go through with braces and they always put me at ease. Dr. Sundberg always takes the time to go over every detail to make me feel comfortable." ~B.J.

"I visited three other Orthodontists for consultations before Pacific Northwest Orthodontics and they beat all of them. They are nice, caring, and they answered all our questions. I'm so thankful for them." ~ M.E.

"I really like how the staff makes me feel regardless of my smile. It is such a positive place that my kids love to come along as well even though they aren't in treatment." ~ M.B.

"When I first got my braces I hated my teeth so much, now I smile at everything and everyone!" ~ R.C.

"They were better than I expected and are very nice people. Dr. Sundberg was honest adn straightforward so that was great. I always look forward to my appointments, I recommend them to everyone! ~ O.S.

"The office is comfortable and inviting and not so scary looking like other sterile, uncomfortable offices I've seen. The entire staff is so welcoming." ~ E.W.

"Everybody is super nice! You will have NO questions leaving the appointment because they cover everything before you even think to ask it. They are super affordable with or without insurance and are always willing to accommodate payments to your budget and work with you to suit your needs. I made went to four different orthodontists before I made my decision... which I am beyond satisfied with." ~ H.F.

"Pacific Northwest Orthodontics is amazing .... not only because they make your teeth look amazing but they are there whenever you need help. I thank all the staff and Dr. Sundberg for all the caring and work they do creating smiles, including mine." ~ S.S.

"I love Pacific Northwest Orthodontics! Every time I have an appointment they treat me really well and actually want to know how I am personally and with treatment. If I don't like something, they fix it or at least try their best to make it better somehow. All the employees are really good at walking and talking you through any and every new process. Overall, they're amazing! ~ N.D.

"I am thankful and absolutely love PNW Orthodontics. Dr. Sundberg and the staff have been working hard on my teeth and they look so much better than it did before. I hope I can continue to visit PNW Orthodontics until my teeth are what I want them to be, and with all of the staffs hard work, I just want to say you guys are awesome ! Thank you bunches." ~ J.D.

"I'm so greatful to have Pacific Northwest Orthodontics do my braces! They are very caring and thoughtful when it comes to my braces and what to do with them. The staff and just everyone there are outstanding and I enjoy going there. The way my teeth are looking now is just amazing and can't wait to see what the outcome. Thanks to all of you! ~ C.C.

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